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“In This Way It’s Poetry, Devost tells an elaborate and impactful story which touches on so much of what it means to be an artist. She does this with vulnerability, honesty, sincerity and humour - and a level of skill that makes you do a cartoonish double-take when you remember she also has a full career as a singer/songwriter.”       
                                                                                       - TJ Dawe

This Way It’s Poetry – A Musical Play


In 1991, beloved Irish movie The Commitments was released. 5 years later, a teenager left her small island home to travel around Europe. Coincidence? Absolutely. Or was it…

Driven by her long-standing obsession with music and pop-culture, Devost delivers a personal yet universal tale of an addictive allure to daydreaming, the serendipity of youth and travel and an ever present longing to be something more.

Mino has also acted in, directed, music directed and produced various theatre productions. For Mino's CV, click here: 

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